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        "Responsibility, competence, good any trust."
        Not the best people, there is no outstanding enterprise. Responsibility and competence before the election standards, good use of it, and trust is up to use only standard.
        Responsibility is to have a sense of responsibility, professionalism, dedication, courage responsible, accountable and responsive, eager to make achievements, eager to post Jiangong have ambitions and aspirations. People have a sense of responsibility for their own work, the country at the same time, the society, the family, relatives should have a sense of responsibility. Human standard is "moral" issue. "Virtuous and just not enough to be worthy of a great responsibility, and without virtue is talented enough to their treacherous. People should be honest, trustworthy, humility, unity, mind, there is a collective sense of honor. Requirements is social requirements, must have a public morality, that a no morality can not become qualified. Inconsiderate people, no matter how high can firmly turned away.
        Good use of it
        According to the different characteristics of different talents and strive to personnel on the most suitable positions to maximize talent, and to use the abilities. And respect the personal ambitions of the staff, emphasis on the value of talent for talent to provide platform to display their talents, to develop the value of the use of personnel, employees get to play in order to maximize the Objective evaluation mechanism implemented for staff positions, promoted or demoted competition mechanism and the rational flow of the restructuring mechanism to form a forward elimination, the virtuous cycle of selection mechanism. Efforts to achieve the optimal allocation of talent, the implementation of the "jumped up and share the glory, who is on who has the capacity and the ability to be the most important role in the size of scale measure of talent in the business.
        the suspect not. On the bold use of the use of personnel, full trust, full authority, suppression fluke Ming appraise, and strive to improve the system for the implementation of the transparency. Only allowed to assume positions of responsibility, but also to give the corresponding rights.

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